The Small House Movement: Is Less Really More?

According to PropertyShark, over the past 100 years, homes in the United States are now 74% larger and personal living space went up 211%. On average, today, the typical U.S. home boasts around 2,430 square feet as opposed to that of our grandparents’ generation at around 957 square feet.   Whether your current home falls above …

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room in disrepair from demo/renovations

Is a Fixer-Upper Right for You?

If you have watched any home improvement television shows over the past few years it is likely you have been lulled into the belief that most house flips or major home improvements can be solved neatly inside a thirty-minute primetime cable window. Hiccups, delays, and expensive repairs are often glossed over and what viewers end …

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woman using smart phone in home to control the temperature

DIY: Simple Technology Upgrades for Your Home

There are simple technology upgrades that you can do in nearly every room in your home. For most, you don’t need expensive or specialty tools. Just a weekend and a little bit of work. Not only will many of these projects lead to a smarter, happier home, but many of them could also add dollars …

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DIY: Home Staging

 Ever wonder how a living could be made by decorating and fake furnishing empty homes? It’s because home staging works to sell homes more quickly and often for higher price tags than those that have not been staged. But what if you don’t have thousands to spend on a professional stager right before a move? …

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DIY Home Office

If you’ve moved for/with the military, then you already know that sometimes the house you rent or buy at your new duty station isn’t always the house of your dreams—the one with the basement where you can set up your workout equipment or the spare bedroom for the craft room you fantasize about having in …

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Magazines to Read for Design Inspiration

Most military-connected folks will tell you that one of the downsides to this life is the seemingly constant moving from one place to the next. But this transient lifestyle presents you with a unique opportunity as well. With each move, you get to leave your own distinctive decorating mark on your new home. You can …

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